Final Content Of Indiefix (own images)

As you can see bellow is my final product which i have developed from my research,case studies and a wide variation of sources.As you can see bellow their is two versions of my final product ,however i believe the final version captures my projects aims:-
  1. To capture the Indie genre in sight via shapes,fonts,images,symbols etc.
  2. To create a magazine which captivates and attracts my target audience in every way.
  3. To create a magazine which demonstrates all the necessary information which is necessary and not over facing.
  4. To overall be a successful product in all sense's.

Feedback For improvements
  1. To remove text boxes.
  2. Change location of mast head eg. make it a smaller text and as a label at the top right hand side.
  3. Reduce the size of the quote which dominates the top of the page and reduce it so that you can put the mast head.
  4. Reduce the size of the page number labels and increase the size of the body text.


  1. We like the colour borders of the images colour coordinated with the page numbers.
  2. We like the labels which the body of the text is stood and it stops the influence of the background.
  3. We like the box effect around text as it acts as a good divide and fixes with the symmetry of the indie theme.
  4. I like the magazines motto at the top of the page (just to big of text font).
  5. I like the variation in images,poses and locations and they are complemented with the colour borders used.

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