Media Studies Print Project - Magazine research Questionnaire

Please fill in the necessary information as detailed as possible and relevant. This questionnaire will enable me by exploring my target audience understand what elements of magazines I could devolp into my print project. Thank you

1.What genre of music magazine do you prefer and why?
(eg.rock, pop, RnB, Indie)
2.What feature of a music magazine attracts you the most and why?

3.Out of the two master heads and fonts bellow which one do you prefer and why?

4.Out of the two genre of music magazines bellow which do you prefer and why?
(Eg.mise-on-scene, colour,Size,model,camer shot)

5.What genre of magazine do you most enjoy reading and why?
(Eg factual, real life stories,fashion, celebrites,music based)


6.Which cover artist of the two bellow attracts you the most and why?
(Comment on mise-on-scene, camera angles, model, pose, colour scheme and layout)

7.From the two contents bellow which one do you find most useful and why?
(Focus on mise-on-scene- colour, layout, images, and intensity)

8. From the contents above were there any elements of the content which hindered you ability to understand the information?
(Focus on mise-on-scene- colour, layout, images, and intensity)

9.One the double page spreads bellow of different genres which do you most prefer that interests you and why?
(focus on mise-on-scene-colours layout,photographs,camera shots,colour)

10.In your opinion what sort of balance of mise-on-scene do you prefer and why ?
(Focus on the colours used, layout,amount of images used, ratio of text to images use examples of magazines if you wish preferably music in genre)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Analysis of Different Genre Magazines Double page spread (2 double pages)

Even though both these magazines double page spread aren't of the genre I will peruse, however the layout and presentational devices used and judging on there success enables me to adapt these an use them to my advantage.

8 Hour Endurance Magazine Two Page Spread
Layout and mise-on-scene
Photography and Images
However the right hand side of the double page spread the images are not conventionally laid out with a large long shot of the various in motion bikers which gives the sense of the event being a race and the variation in competitors. The lighting is bright and is set in the day which implies the invent is very innocent but still competitive.
The image to the right hand corner of the image above is a mid-long shot the same as the first image which captures the whole biker on performance linking with genre of the magazine and the link between the competitors above and the event they are participating in.

The first image is a mid-long shot of individual on the motorbike which fades into the plain white background which makes the image more dynamic because of the vibrant colours such as red. The red in the bike is linked with the master head ‘Young Blood’ which is in white with a black rim which keeps the readers attention on the image. The writing is conventionally set in four colours at the bottom of the page which is in a simple type face which goes with the simplistic black text colour. The reason I believe this colour scheme is because the information is factually based and of a detailed nature.

The right hand corner of the biker side ways mid-shot of the biker is smaller than all the other images on the double page spread because it has relevance to the topic but it suggests this competitor is less significance in the motor biking world than the other two images. Why around the images the text is situated around it uniformly in the same typeface and monotone black which again leads the reader to believe the information is factual and more complex read and could loss the readers attention easily as only for a specific target audience.

'NDORFIN Events Double Page Spread Review


This magazine use outdoor symbols to create a dynamic and interesting background which also acts as a effective topic divider as the wood surface is used to home the main body of information where as the blue water like surf board shaped area in the far left hand side acts as a event list and the sun like column on the far right hand side acts as a merchandise promotion. The quarter of the wheel implies to the reader that some of the events will be linked with mountain or road biking by the thickness of the tire we can tell this, theory is also enforced by the image of the bikers to the left.

The type face is simple and present in white which is used thought out the main body of information as it makes the text flow and is reader able on all surfaces used and is still easy to read without the hindrance of the background. This is very clever as it enables the publisher to have more versatility with the background without having to consider the legibility of the writing.

The master head of the magazine is used and incorporated to make the master head for the double page spread. The logo is a very clever as it reads ‘NDORFIN’ which reads as endorphins which are the hormones released when you are excited and implies the events will give the people or participants a an adrenaline rush which is mirrored by the ECG like pulse at the side of the N.Also this links with the sports pictured in the images across the double page spread such as wind surfing. The 3D effect is used and expresses the power of the events and how much and there popularity and the pulse it gives people. The sub-heading ‘Event’ is in the same type face as the main body of writing yet it is reversed into the type face being black this makes it stand out and links with the writing again joined with the master head. The publisher uses the colouring of the background to link other parts of the writing such as the grey areas linking to the surfboard.

The section titled ‘HIGH PERFORMANCE MUFFS’ is used as a merchandise advert area. The background behind the muffs is used to imply these muffs are really special and are really special and a must have.The colours used also symbolise the sun which keeps the theme of the background of being things associated with the natural environment. This has also enabled the Publisher to get the sponsors logos in which uses different type faces but the same colour scheme as used throughout the magazine. Overall this is very effective as it divides the advert from the main body of the two page spread but keep in the theme used through out but is more dynamic due to strobe used to mimic the sun which catches the readers attension.

Images and Photography

The images used are framed in a white which gives the audience the sense of the images being arranged as a scrap book as the images are conforming with the conventions and are slightly of angle which implies a sense of risk in the activity.
The images used use a variation of camera shots to engage the reader from using point of view shots which enables the reader to relate to the participants. Also long shots for such images as the wide surfing and water sports which enables the audience to see the freedom it gives and there idyllic setting it is based and the skill which is required. Also the image is a good tool which implies to the audience the nature of the events.

Analysis of music magazine content pages (2 contents)

Austin Independent Contents Analysis
Layout and Mise-on-scene :-

The content is divided in three sections by a simple column divide, which divides the ‘PUBLISHER NOTES' and the ‘CONTENTS’ this divide is also aided by the different use of colours vibrant pink for the sub-heading ‘CONTENTS’ and vibrant light blue for ‘PUBLISHER NOTES’ and the final section is ‘THE AUSTIN INDEPENDENT STAFF’ but this is in the same type face and colour as the general content which leads the reader to think of this as less important and the order and space given to the sub-heading implies this. The fourth section is the bright yellow box in the left hand corner of the content this is a convention in magazines for advertisements as the contrasting colours attract the readers.
Where the contents is situated on the right hand side the colour scheme changes to a white background but the type face still remains in the same colours of pink, blue and yellow for sub headings and the master head with monotone black page listings. The reason this is done so is so the content is clear and concise to the audience and easy to read, why making the contrast between the two halves appealing to the audience and attractive, which fits in with the overall theme of the magazine. The content sub heading isn't large but is larger than all the sub-headings which introduces the page. The word ‘content’ is presented in pink as is the name of the magazine which makes the link between the genre of the magazine being rock.
Images and Photography used and it's impact:-
The image used in the left hand corner is used to link with the ‘publisher note’ and the close up of the mans face being at the top implies he’s the publisher and above all those in the fourth section THE AUSTIN INDEPENDENT STAFF’ as in the close up he is silhouetted with a vibrant green which fits in with the theme of primary nearly neon colours and it being green also enforces his significance as this colour is not used anywhere else in the content page. The contrasting vertical lines of colours such as yellows, oranges and browns also make the ‘publisher’ stand out to the audience and almost puts him on a pedistool.Also the use of the colours in the background are used throughout the content page which implies he ties all the elements together that make the magazine.
Gauge Eleyen Analysis-Contents
Even though the genre of this magazine isn't the genre I am going to be focusing on it is useful to explore different lay-outs and mise-on-scene to get an understanding of what works best.

Master head
The master head is appropriate to the genre of the magazine however I believe it isn't that effective as it is complicated to remember or understand and as I have explained previously the master head is the determine factor on the success of the magazine, But the variation in shape and colour makes the reader think that the magazine explores many different levels of culture and media. The shape of the font also implies the unusual genre of the magazine as both shapes are unusual. The colours used on the type face gold and purple strangely compliment each other why maintains the overall theme of the magazine.

Content listings
The content listing is simplistic so that the information is illegible and concise which is very effective for a reader as it is easy to find the necessary information. The type face used mirrors the title and is used consistently throughout except the sub-heading are featured in capital letters not bold as this fits in with the unconventional appearance of the magazine yet is still very effective. As you can see the creator has used many presentational devices to make the writing noticeable and interesting to the reader the colours used pink for sub-headings and black for the content of the sub-headings are very affective as the sub-heading may link back to the sub-heading on the front cover for example and stand out to the reader. Again the pink and black are contrasting yet compliment each together which is the case though out this content page.

The content master head
The type face used again is the same as the master head which is the general theme throughout but uses a a dynamic blue which hasn't been used which fits with the non conventional colour scheme and layout. The colour is the O of the content is merged as the divider between the content and images this is very effective as it acts as though it supplies the whole page with colour. So the title in affect has two jobs towards the layout and the overall mise-on-scene of the magazine.

Images and Photography used:-
The images used all have unusual settings but yet all make the reader inquisitive on the relationship they have to the articles to the left. The first image is a low angle shot of a young man whom is surrounded with vinyl records and images his dress implies as well as the images surrounding him that it is inspired dress is from the late 70’s,early 80’s.The colours used in the shot are again dynamic and contrasting which creates interest for the reader and this fashion of dress is being incorporated in modern fashion much more often. In the left hand corner in the same type face and monotone bold black is the page number which the picture links with in the magazine which is headed ‘DJ JayCeeHoh’ This also links with why he is central to the photograph as he is the focal point and by using a low angle shot it implies that he has a significant role in the DJ industry. Also the nature and era of the images behind him implies the genre of the music he specialises in. The lighting used again is bright which accentuates the dynamic colours used making the image more imposing and interesting to the reader, making them want to read the article which is the main aim of the publisher because if the contents isn't interesting the reader will already be bored.

The second image used on first glance implies to the reader that the nature of the article is of something of Robin Hood era due to the use of such props as a silver sterling sword and the stereotypical wood land area. However if you look closer the individual n the shot is in fact wearing a modern leather jacket which already interreges the reader on what the article is actually portraying, this could also be a down fall as it could repel a reader but generally looking at the overall nature of the magazine would compel the reader to read on and make links back to the content on the right hand side. Again in the left hand side of the photograph is a page number of 4 in a bold type face in the conventional black ,however this is very difficult to make out due to it being positioned on the tree bark which makes the number camouflaged in ,this could hinder the stories success as the reader as I did previously would be unsure of the relevance or what article it linked to. The lighting used makes the individual stand out and the contrast between his dark trench coat and the white snow implies he has some force or danger involving with the genre of the story, This impression I gained totally form the image and when I linked it back to the article name I realised how effective the photograph actually was. The title of the article is ‘6 It Ain’t Fencing’ this confirmed my first impression as it means from the phrase of the question that there is a sense of anger with the individual, however the use of colloquial language takes this edge of and makes the subject matter less aggressive yet still enticing on its nature.

The third image is of a young male in what seems to be a suit however this is not conventional dress for a young man already this leads the audience to believe he is unusual which makes the audience assume the nature of article he represents is also of a peculiar nature. The mise-on-scene of his dress and location enforces the audiences initial impression of the individual. The bright pink background contrasts with the masculine dark blue of the persons shirt which could imply his personality isn't totally masculine but he tries to portray this in his clothing, Again the checked mustard coloured jacket with the grey shirt are the only aspects of his dress that match however it implies that he has sme elements of normal but he still has a acquired taste. This is mirrored in the name of the article which the image represents which is the ‘Reality Geek’ the representation on the image is very clever as it represents your typical stereotypes but by the symbolism of colour has explored various meanings. The close up of the mans eyes enables the audience can see his frustration which is mirrored in his hand positioning implying he is frustrated this could also link to the colours which could indicate the nature of the article being his sexuality and the stereotypical problems which come with the stereotype ‘Geek’.