Music magazine – analysis of research (3 front covers )

Classic Rock - Aerosmith review

The master head is arranged conventionally at the top of the page and fills the width of the cover the reason this layout is used as in the media industry the title is the major influencing factor on the target audience on purchasing the magazine.

Masterhead mise-on-scene
The master head is in a monotone black which is striking on the white background to emphasize its presence and dominance of music media. Also the word classic also leads you to believe its simplicity in colour mirrors the magazines nature of classics and the age of the magazine and its success ‘The UK’s Fastest-Growing Music Magazine’ making the font being traditional and simplistic.

Cover Artist
The cover artist Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler dominates the front cover and his head and arms cover the master head which could suggest that him and his band dominate the music area of rock classics. Steven Tyler Jesus like pose also enforces the message above of his godly like figure in the rock world and the quote ‘I walked where Jesus walked'. His pale skin and brown hair contrast with the colours on the page in such as black (rock culture), red (blood link with Jesus), brown (used through the logo of the band and the hair of Steven Tyler)

The use of a long shot to capture Steven Tyler in the Jesus like pose .The long shot enables the audience to view his bottom half in traditional rock/western out fit to imply the genre of his music. This is affective because it implies the genre of the music magazine to the target audience and the genre of the music of the artist which could influence the purchase of the magazine.

As you can see the sub titles used are not placed upon the body of Steven Tyler which again enforces the above and also that the cover artist is the focal point of the magazine for the target audience. The sub-headings are present in capital letters to emphasis them and draw the reader to the subject. Also by using the same type face as the title and cover ties together the theme and genre of the magazine.

The use of free merchandise ‘free CD’ the same type face but different circular background makes it striking to the audience.

Kerrang - HIM review

The master head is the conventional font in monotone black to imply the theme to the audience of the magazine being the genre of mainly rock, metal. The title with the white strobes going through the letters of Kerrang and the rugged edges of the letters gives the reader the sense of the music being so powerful its has shattered the title which is emphasised by the quote ‘Life is Loud’ which also portrays the rock/metal life style as an appealing life style of music.

Mise-on-scene general
The images of ’30 seconds to mars’ and mid-shot which focuses on a side shot of the artist and shoulders. Also' My chemical Romance tritium’ in a two shot mid-shot which enables the audience to get a sense of there character and genre. are set to the right of Ville Valo which again suggests these are less important to the audience and he as a artist is more powerful.
The use of the torques righting contrasts with the overall colour scheme of black and white which grabs the attention of the reader and this is done because it stands out to the audience and draws the reader to the subheading but because of the colour doesn't take away the impact or the attention from the master head and cover.

Cover Artist and Mise-on-scene used
The cover artist Ville Valo dominates the whole front cover in and extreme close up focusing on the eyes and face which suggests that he is a powerful presence in the rock music industry. This is also enforced by his dark appearance which also links back to the title, the clover use of make-up and black costume gives the audience a sense of his dominance and devilish presence this idea is also implied by his devil like facial hair and long hair which relates to some kind of dark mysteries character. Also his strong eye contact with the camera is used to make the audience feel intimidated or compelled to the magazine. The use of the bands type face for there logo but incorporating the colour themes of the magazine makes the magazine conventional and interesting but contrasts with the dark exterior and image of Ville Valo.

The quote ‘The Resurrection of Ville Valo’ suits the portrayal of the character by the picture as his dark devilish appearance and strong stare give the reader a sense of arrogance.

Clash - Duffy review
Master head
The master head could have two meanings the ‘clash’ could be symbolic to the ‘clash’ of the symbols on the drum as Indie music is often associated with live bands. This is also mirrored in the formation of the letters with the A and S merged, I believe this as well links to the statement above ‘BEST IN MUSIC AND FASHION’ and the letters merged together symbolises the magazines link between of fashion and music . But more likely I believe the master head is referring to the famous band the class as the genre of music is very similar.
The word ‘clash’ as the master head also mirrors the symbolism of a clash of symbols or could imply that due to the quote at the top of the magazine cover that ‘best in music and fashion’.

Cover Artist
The cover artist Duffy has a mid shot which covers the entire front cover however even though she is quoted as ‘the NEW first lady of soul Duffy’ she still is set back behind the title which the target audience is recognised for where as such magazines as vogue can due to their reputation have a model cover the ‘gu’.The large box containing the advert for ‘SON OF DAVE’ covering the left cheek of Duffy and as you can see this could imply that Duffy is less significant to the target audience and she does not yet have the presence in the music world rather than the list of artists in the box to the left.

The Sub-headings
As you can see the sub headings which are the names of other artists are arranged around the artists face this suggests that even though she is not as accomplished or as well recognised as the artists featured in boxes she has already exceeded the level of certain artists.

The three W's (who,what,why)

Hey my name is Jessica Squires ,I am media studies student from Biddulph High School. I decided to take media studies at AS due to the fact that I enjoy photography and the versatility it gives to explore and create.Also i find exploring the mind of a film producer through thier work from the way they move and position camera to the mise-on-scene which subconsiously influence the viewers mind amazing.
So what will i be doing ? ... well
AS foundation portfolio in media specification :-
To produce a piece of video/print
(I have chosen to do print as photography most intrests me and how creative you can be and the mystery behind the photograph and the many interpriations held by and audience.)

Printtheme is music magazine.

  • 1 Cover
  • 2 content pages
  • 2 page spread

I have many ideas on what to produce but I will also be putting various photography I have taken as practice but not specific to theme and items i have found through out my research.