Front Cover Mock Up ( using exsisting images)

This is only a very basic idea beucase i was playing around with fireworks.But as you can see the foundations of a good magazine front cover is there.
  1. The bar code which highlights the authenticity of the front cover.
  2. The image of lilly allen is well placed and links with the bar across the bottom of the page to indicate intresting words or items which will atrract the target audience.
  3. The use of colour blending such as with Lilly Allen, The Kalxons with the bar at the bottom of the page.

However there is some issues such as:-

1. The text colour and how readable it is beucase this is the main point of purchasing a magazine.

2.The mast heads position becuase at present it looks more like a poster.

So i will be acting on the areas i have found weakness to devolp my next mock up Front cover beucase my main aim is the please my target audience becuase they determine the success of my product.

Content Mock Up ( first trywith exsisting images)

As you can see i again was experimenting with fireworks to develop my skills in various ways.
I began experimenting with this layout because it is very effective if used effectively.

However ...
  1. It is dominated by the bottom of the page and the top of the page and the middle area is hard to fill which is hard because you need to use as much space as possible.
  2. The text isn't in one uniform type face and is out of proportion eg. to large.
  3. The word indiedfix dominates the left side of the page totally,which is another waste of time


  1. I like the spacing of the text on the Razorlight text which without and intentional link,it links the picture/band with the text sub-continually.

Overall i dislike this content page but it was a practice of skills,layout,text and all the components which are needed for an effective content or product so in turn this was very useful.

Mock Up Version 2 ( With exsisting images )

This mock up version one is literacy the bare bones of a magazine cover as it has an image which acts as the focal point and what attracts the target audeince to purchasing the magazine.
  1. The headline/mast head which domainates the top of the magazine is very effectective and the colours used are unviversal.
  2. The images used captures the colours of the title making its bland background work and be a good basis for text.
  3. The bar code gives autentisity.
  4. The blue bar across the bar acts as a good bar to present additional information and such as featuring bands etc.

Mock up Stage two (front cover)

I have made some slight alterations to the last verison i presented however i have kept the main body as it was as i think it worked very well.
I then collated some images of indie/rock bands and put these on to the front cover i positioned then in the right side of the cover as it did'nt hinder the main shot.I then arranged then slightly off center to give it and edgy but flowing sence,which is symbolic to the indie genre.

I then used a grudge effect to create a subtle and soft border which made the main image and the layers merge and be apart.

I then collated the Great British Flag which had a old vitage theme which was also symbolic to the indie theme.I then used this as a background to a sub-heading with a mist of white to make the typeface stand out.To accompy this i then collated a vitage train ticket and used this as another sub-heading to catch the readers attention.

I after this i applyed a barcode to make the magazine cover appear more authentic.I also created a bar divsion at the bottom of the page to stand out to show all the bands who will feature in the magazine.I used strong vibrant colours against the dull backround to make them stand out as the people in a magazine can encorage target audiences to buy the magazine.

My first front page mock up

As you can see i used an alternitve masterhead because i believed due to the colour scheme of the image this worked better as the font i used bellow looked out of place and to over powering.
However i used the colour in the outline of the typeface,to give the indie vibe to the magazine.
I believe this magazine incorpirates the main image across the whole of the front cover without creating divides which i believe can make a magazine to clutered and overpowering.
I then used a very simple typeface which compliments the simple image and i used white which was subtle on the image,yet stood out.
I am going to be making progress on this mock up over the next week and will post the 2nd stage in making it look more proffesional and like a magazine.However if you have and suggestions at this stage i would appreacaite your imput.

Final Masthead

The masthead collates all my research together using various effects such as motion trails and colour effects combining with the final typeface chosen by my target audience.

As you can see the colours used appeal to all and are bright to reflect the indie theme.
The use of the white and block colour shows the definition between the two works due to the removal of the space.

Overall i believe this is very effective,the next stage i am going to be exploring is mock ups and seeing if my final masthead works and if not i will have to further my research to do so because the masthead can make or break the success of a magazine.

Please leave any opinons or suggestions on the masthead if you feel nessary