Final Front Cover Of Indiefix (own images)

This is my final Front cover for Indiefix as you can see bellow there is 3 stages of progression and creation.As you can see some areas where changed highly such as the labels and some not so radical such as the mast head position.Overall i hope that i have conveyed the Indie theme and symbols and my project aims conveyed in the evaluation above.

As you can see bellow is my final product which i have developed from my research,case studies and a wide variation of sources.As you can see bellow their is two versions of my final product ,however i believe the final version captures my projects aims:-
1.To capture the Indie genre in sight via shapes,fonts,images,symbols etc.
2.To create a magazine which captivates and attracts my target audience in every way.
3.To create a magazine which demonstrates all the necessary information which is necessary and not over facing.
4.To overall be a successful product in all sense's and capture something for the wide spectrum of indie audiences.




Feedback summary from peers and my target audience most importantly:-


  1. To much white open space which needs to be filled with articles,quotes etc.
  2. The bar at the bottom of the page needs to be made into more of a feature with more colour to show the indie theme and could attract readers.
  3. Add a bar code and price on for authenticity.
  4. The labels are two big and strong colours.


  1. The positioning of the title to the left hand side.
  2. The Quote at the top of the page which spans across the top of the page as it is the message of the magazine.
  3. I like the black canvas of the picture which acts as a good background for the magazines content.
  4. I like the use of the image in the top right hand side as embossed as it stands out but also has a white background so stands out due to the colours in the clothing.
  5. I like the variation of colours used in the title as it captures the wide spectrum of the indie audience.
  6. I like the bar at the bottom of the page as it attracts the audience easier and simpler in a few words.
  7. I like the wide range of colours used in the clothes etc.

As you can see, i did 3 progressions of my final front cover, there is many reasons for this it is because i found it hard to capture and fit everything i wont on a small space simply but effectively.But after my 2 progressions i got feedback from my target audience which helped a lot and as you can see then i was able to put all my idea together and utilise the space i had to create my front cover which i believe is very effective. I think one of the main problems was because a front cover determines the success of a magazine and first attracts your audience so i wont to create the write balance between text , images and free space.

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