Final Double Page Spread Of Indiefix (own images)

This is my final Double Page Spread for Indiefix as you can see bellow there is 2 stages of progression and creation.As you can see some areas where changed highly such as the labels and some not so radical such as the mast head position.Overall i hope that i have conveyed the Indie theme and symbols and my project aims conveyed in the evaluation above.

As you can see bellow is my final product which i have developed from my research,case studies and a wide variation of sources.As you can see bellow their is two versions of my final product ,however i believe the final version captures my projects aims:-
1.To capture the Indie genre in sight via shapes,fonts,images,symbols etc.
2.To create a magazine which captivates and attracts my target audience in every way.
3.To create a magazine which demonstrates all the necessary information which is necessary and not over facing.
4.To overall be a successful product in all sense's.



Feedback Summary, which aided development from target audience:-

  1. The text on the main body is two small
  2. The colours used on the text is very hard to read
  3. spellings need to be checked.
  4. The labels used in different colours are two small.
  5. The exclusive interview should just across the top of the magazine not on two levels.


  1. The banner across the bottom is a valuable asset but could be made more of a feature.
  2. I like positioning of the additional images and there coloured borders.
  3. I like the use of the band name on the image and as the interview header.
  4. I like the idea of the text on the whole image background the text just needs to be more visible and it would work very well.
  5. I like the idea of a article indicator but a new one needs to be created.

From the constructive critisum i have recieved i used this to create my final product and i think the outcome was very effiecent and capturvates my aims and Indie as a whole.When i created the first draft of my final product i new it was'nt quiet what i had hoped to acheive so by agian surveying my target audeince it has enabled me to create a product whic his of the pincael of Indie culture for my target audeince.

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